Disturbing a yellow jacket nest when out on the lake on a boat

My husband Anthony is very allergic to bees.

If he should get stung, we need to take him to get medical attention because he immediately starts swells up and has trouble breathing.

Anthony is a strawberry farmer and is exposed to bees all the time. He relies on them for pollination. He is supposed to carry an epipen but typically forgets. This one time Anthony and I went on my cousin’s boat. We were way out on the lake, quite far from shore, when my cousin and I found a nest of yellow jackets in the boat. The yellow jackets had built a very large nest in the prow of the boat. It was a nice, dry and protected spot for them. We disturbed them by pulling out life vests. We had bees flying all around. My cousin, his wife and I tried to shoo the bees away. I am not allergic. The yellow jackets are an especially aggressive type of bee that likes to sting. I was trying to sacrifice myself to protect Anthony. The yellow jackets never stung me. My cousin got stung a couple of times and his wife got a nasty sting right on the belly. My husband was huddled under a beach towel at the other end of the boat. The bees flew directly at him. He got stung once on the cheek. We all had to race home. My cousin drove his boat as fast as it would go. We then hurried to get Anthony to the hospital to slow down the swelling. Thankfully it all worked out fine in the end. Anthony got a shot and my cousin and I dealt with removing the angry bees from his boat.
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