DIY air purifiers work pretty good

My family and I live almost 700 miles away from the wildfires, but the smoke and ash are still affecting people in this area and neighborhood. The smoke and ash can travel up to a thousand miles away from the fire if the winds are moving swiftly. A few days ago, the county issued a weather advisory for smoke conditions. I wanted to go to the hardware store to find a small air purifier to run by the front door. Unfortunately, the hardware store didn’t have a single air purifier in stock. I drove all around town and I visited several different places and I didn’t find a single air purifier anywhere. I started to panic, but my wife had a great idea. She suggested that we look up some DIY air purifiers. I found out that a lot of people were having trouble finding air cleaning machines. There were a lot of helpful videos and instructions online to help me make an air purifier at home. I bought the necessary supplies and headed back to the house. My wife and I worked on the project all day, but we set up our own air purifier using an old box fan and a couple of HEPA air filters. It actually works very well and I can already see and smell a difference inside of the house. We’ve been running the air purifier for 2 days and I can’t see any ash or dust on any of the surfaces. I think the DIY air purifier was a great idea and I’m even happier that it actually works well too!