Do carry out a check before letting the tenants in

I have been a landlord for twenty years, and during that time I have dealt with different types of tenants.

I can say confidently that over 90% of them have been understanding, respectful, and responsible, and with that being said, there are always a select few that simply don’t think before acting irresponsibly.

A few days back, I was forced to evict someone out of my unit, as the place reeked of garbage. He called me complaining about the AC. Once I showed up to see the component myself, he acted that he has caused no damage to the AC. By the look of the unit, the damage looked like it was caused by a human. From what I could tell after diagnosing the component, that there’s water inside the unit and the AC was dented by a heavy object. It was in a bad shape, but what shocked me the most was the trashed living room and the hallway. The house looked like it was 50 years old. Let’s see if this guy can find a different house before the eviction comes into place, and if he doesn’t end up changing his kiddish habit, he might have to live in his car.

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