Do I get to choose the HVAC system for my home?

When my husband and I bought our home, we knew it was a fixer-upper.

  • We just didn’t realize how much fixing up we had to do.

Once we were able to get into the house and do a thorough investigation, there was a lot more work than what we had anticipated. We needed a new roof, the foundation was cracked, and the walls needed to be torn out. We also had to install a new HVAC system, including the ductwork. When we called the HVAC company, they sent an HVAC contractor to the house. He did an inspection and said he didn’t think the house had ever had an HVAC system installed. There was an old wood burning heater in the living room, and he assumed that was the only source of heating. He showed us that there wasn’t any electricity in the house either. This was something we had overlooked and it wasn’t in the home disclosures. Regardless of what HVAC we chose for the house, we would need to have electricity and that should be installed before the HVAC system. We made arrangements to have the electrical system installed, and I had to ask the HVAC contractor a question. He had said about whatever HVAC system we chose. Did that mean we had a choice of which HVAC system we wanted? If we did, I wanted a ductless HVAC system. I didn’t want pipework hanging in my basement, and I had also heard that ductless HVAC systems were less work and more energy efficient. If it was our choice about HVAC systems, I wanted the ductless HVAC.
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