Do I want radiant heating?

The pros would be stepping onto tepid brick after a shower.

I am debating on adding heated flooring to my bathroom, however i am going to gut the space anyway. I want to totally rework how everything is laid out… Right now there is a sizable closet to store towels, a tiny shower, sizable sink & weirdly shaped toilet. I want to get everything down to the barebones, however my method is to have a sizable shower, small sink area, little toilet & a cubby plan for towels. I also want brand new brick on the floors & shower walls! While I am ripping up the floors, I could put down electric heated mats for radiant floors. It is the best time & only option I will get to do it… Once I update my bathroom, I won’t touch it again for possibly my whole life. It is alarming making this sizable of a decision right now. Once the new brick goes down, it won’t be ripped up… So do I want heated flooring in the bathroom or not? I have looked at pros & cons & still can’t decide. On 1 hand, if the radiant furnace has an issue, it cannot be repaired due to being concealed. I would just lose the flooring earlier than expected, however the lifespan on heated flooring is only 15 years too. I would need to buy the mats & lay them down myself. It adds another step in my bathroom renovation project. The pros would be stepping onto tepid brick after a shower. I could have toasty feet when I pee in the middle of the night. Radiant heat doesn’t rise & get wasted on the ceiling. It is totally silent in operation. What should I do?


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