Do solar panels produce enough electric to power our HVAC unit?

I keep seeing these commercials for solar panels, where the spokesperson states that solar can practically eliminate the energy bill.

While I don’t guess a whole lot about solar energy, I must disclose that I have been seeing the technology pop up in a lot of venues where I live.

So, yep, I am curious to find out how it works as well as if it is honestly powerful enough to run all the appliances as well as equipment in our home. I am especially concerned about our HVAC unit, since it’s the piece of equipment that uses the most energy in our house. I am not the one to assume everything I see on a commercial, especially if the offer sounds too great to be true. After some research, I discovered that solar panels are able to effectively run our HVAC equipment with no issue, of course, I would need to install the right number of panels to power the system, as well as that would be based on the size of our HVAC unit. I was enthusiastic to find out that because I live in a sunny state, the panels would be ideal for powering the air conditioning because they can harvest more energy from the sun, however furthermore, I would be able to store extra energy from the panels in a backup battery, which then can be used in case of a blackout… But the best area about the panels is, I can eliminate our utility bill. While I am not ready to make a decision regarding installing solar panels in our home, at least, I guess that if I do decide to make the switch, the panels would be well-equipped to power our HVAC unit.