Doing interviews to fill the Heating and A/C professional position

The heating business where I work was looking for a new Heating and A/C professional.

  • The previous 1 had left because she was relocating abroad.

My boss invited me to the interviews because I am a heating professional in the same company. I was to contribute some questions for the interviewee. I have been heading multiple installation and gas furnace service tasks over the past few years. Some of the questions I prepared included the types of electric gas heating systems available. I also added a question about what the duties of an Heating and A/C serviceman are regarding providing indoor comfort to their clients. Most novice techs neglect the subject of regulators, including the popular wireless control units. Most novice techs needed to be made aware of the problems of a regulator or how to service them. The interviews went great, and I enjoyed seeing how much the interviewees knew about electric heat pumps. The company deals with electric heaters, their sale, installation, and service. Therefore there were several questions regarding such heating devices. A novice Heating and A/C supplier came in and was looking to fill in the position, however he knew a lot about heating device and outlined a list of energy-saving tips he would share with his clients. He had only been a supplier for a couple of weeks. He wrapped up the interview session by showing his skill in installing quality HEPA filters. As the people I was with and I assessed the interviewees, the people I was with and I shortlisted several that would go to the final round. The final round involved showing their buyer service skills. I was gleeful to be part of the process and could not wait to hand my new colleague.


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