Donated old HVAC system to homeless shelter

Whenever you are doing spring cleaning or renovating your home, don’t let the contractor drive all of your unwanted belongings away.

  • It’s easy enough to arrange for a professional to come and get your undesired items, but you should realize that they are not going to a good home.

Most likely, any professional hauling service that you hire is going to take your belongings and deliver them directly to a junkyard. It’s a better idea to collect anything that’s still usable and donate it anywhere you can. This is why I am always sure that I keep my old heating and cooling appliances after I’ve upgraded the equipment to more modern and energy-efficient versions. Because I’m a bit of an indoor air quality snob, I regularly have my furnace and air conditioning system upgraded and replaced by a team of professional heating and cooling technicians. I’m no stranger to the heating, cooling, and air purification dealerships down the street. However, I will never let that air handling control and repair shop take my old HVAC equipment away after they’ve completed the newest installation. Instead, I always bring in my unwanted furnaces and air conditioning systems to the local homeless shelter. I know that they always need additional HVAC systems at the local shelter because they regularly have HVAC breakdowns that they can’t afford to professionally repair. By giving them my gently used HVAC devices to use at the underfunded homeless shelter, I know that I am doing some good rather than filling the Earth with more garbage.



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