Don’t lose the sticker on the AC unit.

I bought my air conditioning brand new and from a reputable dealer.

I had a two year warranty on the air conditioning unit.

Three years after I bought the AC unit, there was a recall because of a malfunctioning part. I tried to have the part replaced as the letter told me. The first thing they wanted was my sales receipt, which I gladly sent them. From there, everything was on a steady downward slide. I received an email requesting I take a picture of the sticker that was on the left side of the AC unit. I took a picture of the sticker, but it turned out to be the wrong sticker. They said the sticker they were referring to had the model and serial numbers along with the words Do Not Remove. I had never seen more than one stick on the air conditioning. They told me that maybe I had bought the AC unit second hand, which meant my warranty didn’t mean anything to them. In spite of my having the sales receipt and sending in the warranty card, without the sticker it meant nothing to them. I was beyond frustration when one gentleman told me there could be a sticker on the inside of the door. I opened the AC unit to see a small sticker that contained the SKU, model number and serial number. Two months later, they sent me an email saying my case had been closed. The sticker was the wrong sticker and they needed the Do Not Remove sticker removed and a picture taken of it. The entire thing started all over again, and now I wasn’t as patient. All I wanted was a refund so I could buy a new air conditioning unit, but not from their company.

Heating technician