Don’t Take out Your Frustrations on the HVAC Unit

I was so frustrated recently because my air conditioner component bit the dust.

I wanted to try to figure out how to do the HVAC repair myself, although I wasn’t sure what to do.

I could hear a pretty loud sound coming from it, so I tried to take the cover off the AC unit. I took all of the bolts from the cover and I tried to pull it off. When I tried to yank it off, I broke 3 fingernails which really ticked me off. I grabbed the pliers I had and I hit the a/c cover with the pliers. I didn’t guess I had hit the AC component ridiculously hard until I felt my wrist ache and I saw a very noticeable dent in the cover. I pushed the cover back on and I began to put the bolts back into the cover. My nephew came out and his eyes got wide. He told me that daddy was going to be genuinely annoyed when he noticed and discovered the dent in the AC unit. I told him that I was going to take care of fixing the dent and daddy wouldn’t even guess anything was wrong. In the meantime, I reached out to the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and asked if they carried spare AC component covers in the shop. The man began to laugh when I told him about the pliers and how exhausting the AC component cover genuinely was, however not too long later, the Heating and Air Conditioning tech arrived and hastily fixed the AC unit. He then put on a new cover onto the AC unit.

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