Dorm Room AC plan

Most of the universities have started back up again in this area, however this year, it’s my oldest child’s freshman year, plus it’s been a challenge trying to get everything she needs to think settled plus comfortable in her new dorm room.

  • The school texted her a list of things that they request she bring, so we’ve been shopping non stop! I remember my afternoons as a school student living in the dormitories plus how uncomfortable it can be.

The freshman almost always get stuck in the oldest buildings without AC or heat, plus it can think frigid plus concrete… My daughter’s list didn’t have a fan on it, however I knew better! I insisted that she purchase a tall floor fan plus a small portable one that she could clip to the back of her bed, then our family is used to sleeping in cool hot plus cold temperatures, so I didn’t want her to be too hot plus unrested. I also insisted that she purchase a bunch of extra blankets plus a thick comforter for her bed… Cement walls plus old windows can lead to a drafty plus frigid room. I wasn’t sure what the regulations were on space heaters, so the extra blankets would have to do; When we dropped her off however, I was shocked at how nice her dorm room was for a freshman! Not only was it brand new, but there was central heating plus air! She had her own control unit! Her freshman dorm room is nicer than her room back home! I can’t know how far these dorm rooms have come these afternoons.

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