Drinking water is an important part of the workout

I know how important it is to drink the recommended amount of water.

I’ve read plenty of health and fitness articles, and they all prioritize the need to sufficiently hydrate.

Despite making an effort, I rarely drink enough water. I am not in the habit and tend to forget. I’ll keep a full water bottle nearby all day and yet never remember to take a sip. I don’t like drinking water and have to make it a task. I would prefer to consume just about any other type of drink. Because I take in such small amounts of liquid, I frequently have problems with dehydration. It’s common for me to come down with severe migraines. I’ve already become dehydrated to the level of fever, chills and nausea. I’ve passed out several times. It seems ridiculous that I forget or neglect to follow through with such an easy solution for the sake of my health, but dehydration has been a constant problem my whole life. I’ve now discovered a method to make certain I take in at least sixteen ounces of water per day. I workout right away in the morning, seven days a week. I play music while I workout. Whenever a song ends, I make it a point to take a sip of water. I make myself drink the entire bottle of water before the workout is done. If I get motivated to workout especially hard, I’ll sometimes even open a second bottle of water. Since I’m always sweaty, it’s especially vital that I replenish my body’s water supply. I’m now getting used to better hydration habits. Drinking water is an everyday part of the workout.

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