Drunkards Need Air Conditioning or they Get Rebellious

I enjoy travelling and if there is a trip available, I take it.

I work for a bussing corporation and we often rent our busses out for private celebration busses. I take them to entertainment locales or to conventions. You can guarantee that half of the people will be crawling off the bus and will end up in their room puking or passing out before attending whatever event they are going to. These trips can be joyful, however there have been times when someone in the group gets a bit out of hand. More often than not, someone else in the group will deal with them however there have been times when they accuse me of some stupid thing or other. Normally they always want to change the setting on the Heating and Air Conditioning systems and they get annoyed with me. I’m always willing to change the thermostat to make it cooler or warmer, and that will normally do the trick. Last week, it must have been nearly ninety degrees outside. The bus was full of convention goers and it was beginning to heat up. I knew they had already carry on about the air conditioner, however there wasn’t anything I could do. I had already called into base and told them the air conditioner had gone on strike and when I reached the next bus depot, the company would provide a new bus. I only hoped someone would be able to keep everyone calm before I had a riot on my hands over the air conditioner.

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