Duct sealing is a required process to eliminate energy waste

When my heating bill was a little higher every week, I knew there was a problem… I am unquestionably conscientious about having the oil furnace professionally serviced, cleaned and tuned every fall! Because of this, I was suspicious that the HVAC duct was to blame for the rising heating costs! The oil furnace was absolutely running longer and yet having a hard time meeting demands, and certain rooms in the house were consistently chilly, and since the duct plan is concealed inside walls, ceilings and crawl spaces, I was unable to check it out.

  • I hired a professional Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business to give duct testing! She determined that approximately 30% of my heated air was escaping through leaks at the seams and small holes, and recommended duct sealing! At 1 time, the duct sealing process was unquestionably work intensive.

Technicians were required to manually locate and repair each flaw in the ducts. There is now a process that seals the ducts from the inside out. Aeroseal duct sealing works by sending pressurized air laced with adhesive polymer particles into the ducts. As this air escape through the numerous imperfections, the particles stick to the edges, build up and gradually seal the holes. The process takes a few hours to complete however causes no injure or disruption. There’s no unpleasant stink or mess left behind, and the repair is warrantied to last for a minimum of various years. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C serviceman then tests the duct plan to ensure the results. I was amazed by the improvement in the cleanliness, stink and comfort of my home. I was severely cheerful with the much lower energy bills.

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