Ductless heat pump was added to the home

I’m doing my best to deal with all the modern normals that are coming my way.

During the pandemic, I kept hearing that term, new normal. I get the context but it still made me smile a bit. For sure, the pandemic was startling and particularly for those my age. I’m nearly 80 so I’m just lucky to have been through it to tell the tale. I stayed inside the central A/C of my arena for nearly two years. Seriously, I had just about zero contact except my pets and waving to my teenagers and grandteenagers from the yard. But really, new normals are the normal as you get up in these digits. Each passing year, I find the heat and humidity to be taking a bit more of a toll on my life. And that’s certainly unusual for me since I grew up in this region and have never been one for hiding in the A/C all summer. I was the sort who got outside all summer all of my life. Sure, I might have to get up at dawn to get outside before the heat came up or I had to go to work. But I got out of the A/C and sucked in fresh air every single day that I could. That’s just not the way it works these nights though. I live in a little two family room house that I love. But my teenagers added a sunroom with a ductless heat pump to my home this Winter. Now, I can at least feel like I’m outside enjoying fresh air and nature. Thanks to that ductless heat pump, I can enjoy the sunroom any time of day while in any season. And that makes this new normal a bit easier to take.
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