Ductless Heating and A/C Solution Fits Our Situation Perfectly

It’s just me.

I don’t have a wifey and youngsters although I am not opposed to all that.

For now, I’m ten years out of school and it’s just myself and others and my ugly dog. However, I did just make a huge leap as far as adulting is upset. I’m in social work so, I don’t make a fantastic deal of money at this point. I have had to rent for the last decade and the fact I was building zero equity was easily getting on my nerves. However, the amount I needed for a down payment far outpaced my ability to save. I thought it might just be a bust and I would spend my life in a poorly Heating and A/C controlled apartment. Then, a distant relative came to the rescue. A third cousin found out about my housing predicament and came up with an awesome solution. Her uncle, which would be related to myself and others in some way I was incapable of figuring out, was moving to a nursing home. Her home would be available to myself and others to buy at a entirely sufficient price and a tiny down payment. It was the perfect solution. The home was particularly run down but it was structurally sound with a nice piece of property to boot. The Heating and A/C was so old it hardly worked at all. Instead of simply replacing the ancient central air unit, I went with a series of mini split ductless Heating and A/C units. It was perfect because I can heat or cool particular areas in the home individually, but plus, they are super efficient so I easily won all the way around. I am so fortunate to have this site!

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