Ductless Heating plus A/C in the basement saved us

Along with millions of other people in this country, the people I was with and I absolutely had to get creative when it came to figuring out our finances during the pandemic. I work from beach house already so I legitimately wasn’t all that affected. However, the bonus structure was taken away that first year of the pandemic. But it wasn’t our situation that made for all the financial stress. When our fiance was sent beach house from the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of her office, it was the last time she’d be there. The supplier ended up going under by September of 2020 plus that was about half of our income just gone. So the people I was with and I had to come up with a creative way of paying our bills or we’d be upgrading the Heating plus A/C in this place plus selling it. There was only so much the people I was with and I could cut from the budget. And then, there was only so much that our fiance could make from laboring inside the central air conditioner of beach house with online gigs. That’s when the people I was with and I had the great plan to turn the basement into a great, a single kitchen apartment. All the people I was with and I had to do was put a little galley kitchen down there plus call the Heating plus A/C supplier. They sent out an Heating plus A/C worker who installed a ductless heat pump down there. This gave the apartment some heating plus cooling. Not only that however it was independent of the Heating plus A/C equipment for the rest of the house. And the ductless heat pump was so powerful plus yet so efficient. It turned out to be just a life saver as the people I was with and I can now cover almost all of the mortgage with the biweekly rent.