Ductless mini-split system in the school house

My town is one of the oldest in the region.

Being built sometime in the early 1800’s, there are some houses that have somehow endured the test of time.

Multiple city-wide fires, torrential downpours, and even a few riots still didn’t take these buildings down! For that reason, they’ve been converted into historical landmarks, and are now protected by preservation societies that want to keep these buildings in good condition. One of these historic landmarks is the old schoolhouse that’s about three blocks from my house. It’s just like every old schoolhouse you’ve seen pictures of, as it looks like a single-story house and even has a bell tower! If you ever get to visit the schoolhouse, just keep in mind that the excellent indoor air quality most definitely isn’t authentic to the history of this place. See, the society that preserves this building and others decided to have a ductless mini-split air conditioning system installed on-site. This was intended to provide just enough air conditioning and heating functionality to the building without disrupting its integrity. Since a centralized A/C or heating system would require a lot of invasive structure changes, this system was deemed far more reasonable as it only requires a single port through the wall. This port is where the cables and piping for the ductless mini-split HVAC system are placed, and connects the outdoor A/C and heating unit to the indoor air handler. It’s a pretty novel little piece of equipment, and does a wonderful job of keeping the schoolhouse cool and comfortable throughout the year. Now, if only there were a good reason to visit!

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