Ductless multi-split HVAC appliance is the ideal solution for temperature control in older dwelling

Living in an older dwelling, temperature control can be a tremendous struggle.

The walls of my dwelling are constructed of plaster plus lath, plus there is no conventional system of ductwork installed.

Trying to implement a whole-house, forced air heating plus cooling appliance would be horribly extravagant, invasive plus messy. For awhile, we attempted to get by with window air conditioners, box fans plus electric baseboard heaters. I was not gleeful with the appearance of the equipment or the level of comfort either. I started looking into odd types of systems to provide affordable whole-dwelling temperature control plus settled on a ductless multi-split HVAC appliance. It only took the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation a couple of days to install the modern system, plus there was no need to tear into walls plus nothing to wash up. The ductless HVAC appliance simply required a three-inch hole through exterior walls to accommodate a conduit that links the outdoor plus indoor components. A single outdoor compressor serves up to 8 indoor air handlers that are mounted up high on the walls of individual rooms. Each air handler provides both heating plus cooling capacity plus includes an independent temperature control, but we’re able to customize temperature to personal preference as well as occupancy. There’s no need to heat or cool rooms that are not being used, plus with Wi-Fi connectivity, programming plus adjustments are incredibly convenient. Also, the ductless HVAC appliance offers exceptional dehumidification, air filtration plus energy efficiency. It includes inverter technology which automatically adjusts capacity to the changing needs of the dwelling, supplying only the exact amount of heating or cooling needed to maintain consistent plus ideal temperature. We are totally pleased with the comfort provided by the ductless multi-split HVAC appliance.


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