Ductwork job makes immense difference

Too often, I just don’t spend our savings enough attention to what’s in the mail! For one, it’s usually not superb news.

Mostly, it’s bills or unsolicited mail from entities that I don’t know. But last Spring, I instituted a current apartment rule that tangentially related to the mail. I enjoy our apartment & love spending time inside the central a/c with our family. It’s a nice apartment & all of us do a fairly adequate task of keeping it picked up, well organized & clean. That is except for one exception. The home office table sort of turned into this location to dump stuff. Book bags, junk mail & all kinds of other stuff just collected on our home office table. I even found a pair of cleats there one morning. That’s when I had enough & declared that area was to be kept clear & clean, however well, that meant that I had to do a better task of collecting & dumping the junk mail. So that’s how I came across the coupon from our Heating & A/C corporation. They were offering half off of ductwork cleaning. I knew that we’d never had the ductwork cleaning done in almost more than one decades of living here. So I called the Heating & A/C professionals & they sent out a crew to do the ductwork cleaning. That area was awesome & improved our indoor air conditions. But they followed up with the ductwork resealing & wow, what a difference that made in the residential Heating & A/C efficiency. Every one of us saved enjoy another 15 percent on a/c savings last Summer because of the ductwork resealing.


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