Eleven washable filters on the way

Today is simply going to be an afternoon in the flat for the most part because I just went outside and the wind is blowing and easily cold.

  • Some people are playing ball on the beach but I don’t like playing when it is chilly like this because it is easier to get destroyed and it just does not feel good playing in the cold.

I will get some work done at home today and maybe just have a self-explanatory afternoon in the flat with the cats. I also have to work for a couple of hours and then I’ll hit the local supplier and stock up on food for the week, and maybe even go to the heating and A/C company and get some boiler filters for my system. I may see if my neighbor wants to do a bonfire tonight at his locale because it is a good night for a fire. He has an outdoor fireplace that would be enjoyable for tonight because it is going to be easily chilly later once the sunlight goes down. But I am going to need about four hours to get my online work done and then get my other stuff done for the afternoon. I am simply going to clean the HEPA filter in my a/c device so that it is ready to roll when the heat comes in a few weeks or so. The weather is definitely going to shift from cool to overheated in a matter of a couple of weeks and I want to be ready when that time comes. It should be a fun summer as well.


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