Emergency boiler rental after a hurricane

My section frequently gets hurricane warnings, typically they never very amount to anything, when I put our company in a flood zone, I never very thought anything would happen to it.

Well jokes on me because after one year of operation, our entire company was flooded with water, however debris also fell onto our roof, damaging it; I thought I was going to lose our business. I had to buy a up-to-date roof, update the flooring and get all brand up-to-date wiring installed. I had a ductless heat pump for our space that was no longer functional. The freezing season was coming and I had no heating option, and since I spent most of our money making updates though, I couldn’t afford to purchase one. Thankfully I found a dealer that does boiler and chiller rentals. I got an emergency boiler rental for about half the price it would be to just buy one. The boiler rental was used the entire freezing season while I accrued enough funds to get an air conditioning and update our company for the upcoming Springtime and Summer season. By the time the heat came, I could afford our own cooling system. I didn’t worry too much about buying a gas furnace though. It was nice knowing the industrial boiler rental dealer would have our back. They were fantastic about installing, servicing and maintaining the unit while it was in our possession, at one point I was loosely thinking of just keeping the rental boiler rather than buy an actual one. They do all the labor and I have it for a fraction of the price.

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