Emergency Heatwave Warning

We just had a heatwave alert in our city, and that could mean trouble for many people.

  • The ones that don’t have fully working central air conditioning systems mainly.

When these kind of things happen, you can bet the local heating and cooling companies make big bucks on all kinds of different HVAC installation, HVAC tune-ups and general heating and air conditioning repair calls. As for me, I am going to make sure my heating and air conditioning system is fully tuned up. When we got the heatwave warning, I right away made that special phone call to my local heating and air conditioning company to set up a central heating and air conditioning tune-up appointment. The heatwave is due to hit in a few days, and today is the day that my local heating and air conditioning workman is going to be coming out to do the HVAC tune-up for my home. I usually don’t get my tune up for another 4 months or so, but because of the heatwave, I decided to have the central air conditioning and heating system tuned up right away. My neighbor actually had his central air conditioning system break down on him last year during one of these major heatwaves, and it was not pretty! I ended up letting him stay with me during that time because I felt bad. Also, we are pretty good friends. It was because of the experience with him last year that I actually thought to have my central heating and air conditioning system tuned up a few months early.

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