Employee gets caught with beer in the work van

I took over as the district manager for a very busy HVAC repair company last month. I’ve been with the same HVAC repair company for 12 years now, and I was previously a branch manager. Being the district manager is a lot more difficult, because I have to deal with more problems. Instead of dealing with 30 employees, I’m responsible for the actions of nearly 300 employees. In my first week on the job, I had to deal with a very serious issue. One of our HVAC employees was pulled over and ticketed for speeding. That is the type of circumstance that happens every once in a while, so that isn’t a very big deal. Employees are constantly in a hurry, and these issues occur from time to time. When the employee was ticketed for speeding, the officer smelled alcohol on his breath. The employee refused a breathalyzer test and the cops decided to search our work van. The employee had eight empty beer cans on the floor, and 3 cold beers in the cooler. I don’t know how this employee got away with drinking on the job for so long, but I had to pick up the HVAC work van from the impound lot. I had to pay $255 in fees to retrieve the property. I don’t know if this guy is going to do jail time or not, but I had to fire him effective immediately. We can’t have employees drinking on the job, and we definitely can’t have employees drinking and driving. I hope the guy gets some help, because he obviously has a problem.


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