Energy Advice Seems Like Common Sense

It has been made clear to me over the years that it has become a badge of honor for some people if they are seen to love to waste energy.

I can see how this is a bit love being able to waste currency, in other words to show how well off they are.

It is partly that I guess, but when it comes to energy conservation, as it were, it has moved into the political sphere… Which is I think true for everything. But with saving currency, which is what energy conservation is, you would have thought this was something that transcended politics. Well, you would be wrong. In fact, even the way a single phrases things will guarantee what style of response you will get from bizarre people on an issue, however for example, the word ‘conservation’, in this context would only make people focus on that word, & some would think it was a good thing, & others a terrible thing for that reason. But no, if you were to rephrase it by saying energy saving tips, now that way you get a more universally positive response. If you were to bring up current Heating & Air Conditioning technology, & then talk about the environment, you would get a mixed response from the wider public. But if you were to bring up current Heating & Air Conditioning technology in the context of what Heating & Air Conditioning providers see as the future of their industry, again, you would see the half or so of folk who didn’t love what they thought your train of thought to be the first go around, this time everybody would want to hear what else you had to say. In this way you could say lots of things or almost everything is a minefield this week.

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