Every one of us canceled because of the air conditioning

Every one of us usually have a family movie night once a week but this week the people I was with and I had to cancel it because our air conditioning broke down on us. Normally I would not let something as simple as the air conditioning breakdown cause us to cancel family movie night, because family movie night is pressing to us. However, this week has been the hottest week on record around here, plus the heat wave just doesn’t seem to be letting up. I don’t understand what has going on, but maybe it has something to do with global warming. I don’t usually subscribe to that way of thinking, but the way we have been having to run our air conditioning lately makes me believe otherwise. Anyway, the air conditioning broke down plus there was no way that I was gonna try to pack all of our family into our small residing room without a working cooling system! Since the people I was with and I have central air, the people I was with and I could not even replace a small window unit to put into the residing room for that night. It wasn’t going to be as simple of a repair as that! So I called up all of the kids plus I told them that the people I was with and I were not going to have movie night this week. Some of them were disappointed plus some of them were wonderful with it. Right now I’m sitting here waiting for the Heating plus A/C serviceman to get here so she can do an air conditioning service for us.I will be cheerful when the air conditioning starts running again because it’s already easily hot inside the house.

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