Every one of us got into a big argument & I got fired

My boss is kind of a smug & arrogant guy. I don’t suppose how he got the job working at the heat pump repair business, but I am sure he must suppose one of the owners. The guy is never unquestionably personable or friendly with the staff. He yells, screams, & cusses at us when clients are not around. In front of clients, the guy acts like the nicest person in the world. He really has a Jekyll & Hyde thing going on. Not many of weeks ago the boss sent me downtown to help with a commercial heat pump repair. There was already one employee working on the commercial heat pump & I was a minute pair of hands. Every one of us often have 2 people working on jobs like this for commercial clients so they can go more rapidly. In this unique instance, the supplier was not running production on that morning so the repair did not have a time frame. One of the new men was working on the repair. He told me that he did not need any help. I called my boss to tell him that the new guy didn’t need any help & he yelled & screamed at me on the iPhone & told me not to ever question him again. I got in my work truck & I drove back to the heat pump repair office. I turned in the keys to the truck & I told my boss that I was going condo for the morning. He told me not to bother coming back to the heat pump repair corporation because I was fired.

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