Everyone in our city is having HVAC troubles

When your city experiences the coldest temperatures that the area has ever experienced, you will notice that everyone does their best to prepare for the cold temperatures.

In our city, we recently had a day like this.

Not only did people run out and purchase every nonperishable food item and liquid drinks that they could, but they also purchased space heaters to help supplement the heat that was coming from their furnace. With temperatures as cold as they were experiencing, it was suspected that the furnace in people’s houses would not be able to keep up with the output of heat necessary. Unfortunately, it would seem that the purchasing of space heaters would not only not matter, but they would turn out to be a hindrance on their own. Currently, there are hundreds of homes in our area that require the services of an HVAC technician. Furnaces and boilers were allowed to run for so long on the highest setting that they literally burned themselves out. HVAC companies would begin making the most money that they have ever made in a single winter. This would not even include the cost for electricians and plumbers to help the homes of people who either had small fires from their space heaters or frozen pipes from their failing furnaces. My furnace stopped working as well, and we had to wait for weeks to get our furnace working again. It seemed that the only people not affected by the cold weather were those who burned wood for heat. They had an easier time keeping up with the cold.


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