Everyone should be worried about the indoor air

There are a lot of hidden pollutants lurking in your indoor air.

Today more than ever, it’s important to be sure that your indoor air is free of pathogens, germs, and viruses. All three of my children are home from school right now, and they are bored. They are constantly looking for something to stay occupied. I have been working on a number of chores to eliminate all of the germs that may be on surfaces in my home. The kids have been assisting with this chore. Every morning, we use a sanitizing cloth to wipe down all of the surfaces inside of the house. We wipe all of the door knobs, remote controls, door handles, and shared services. We also wipe down all of the counters and the refrigerator everyday. I also cleaned all of the air vents in the house. Most of them were fairly clean, but the ones near the garage work filled with a lot of dust. I don’t know if we missed cleaning them last time, but they certainly were a lot worse than the other. I have been changing the air filter weekly ever since the kids have been home from school. We are all locked down in the house together and I want this space to be a safe and clean area. With hidden pollutants lurking inside of the air every day, the best I can do is clean and sanitize all of the surfaces and keep the air filter changed regularly. If we can keep the virus out of our home, we might be able to beat the odds.