Everything is Fine as well as That is the Truth

This was a estimate I wrote myself when feeling down.

I got into standup comedy almost 20 years ago as well as it exposes a lot of our deeper thoughts that the people I was with and I might normally not try to feel about.

It’s taken me down some dark lonely roads as well as also to some mountain tops where I’ve felt so alive as well as on purpose. It hasn’t been an simple path, as well as a lot of people have called me lazy as well as unmotivated for not toiling the official job, however I have l gained a lot about myself as well as about life from doing standup. The heating service girl who lives near me told me that she wishes she had the guts to do standup because she has a lot of funny stories. It’s upset that a lot of people don’t get to genuinely express their thoughts to others as well as die with those thoughts forever trapped in time. I’m grateful for my Heating as well as Air Conditioning service job to keep food on the table but comedy has shown me so much that I owe everything to it as well as am cheerful I took the occasion as well as got on stage back in November 2005. I’ve been exploring tunes recently as well as am planning on playing tunes in clubs as well as bars once I get my act together. My bandmate is an Heating as well as Air Conditioning repairman as well as the other singer is an Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier who plays the harmonica. Every one of us have a wonderful time practicing as well as I feel once the people I was with and I have a wonderful act the people I was with and I will have a lot of clubs wanting us to perform in their arena. Take the chance, get the gig.



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