Exploring abandoned houses

I have lived in this part for awhile now, so I think most of the hotspots and cool locales to go; However, every now and then, I find something new! When I was driving, I had to quickly pull over to take out our iphone and call our wifey, but as I was talking, I noticed there was a dirt road straight up ahead… It was barely noticeable, with the trees blocking from both sides.

It looked prefer a road was started however never finished, and now nature was taking over.

I had never explored this road before, nor knew of its existence, so I decided to follow it. It was incredibly bumpy and the trees became too narrow and I had to hop out of the vehicle to follow the road. I eventually came across a large stone sign and I realized this was the start of a community. I entered to find a bunch of worn down abandoned houses… Creepily enough, there were some cars still parked in the driveway, as if whoever lived there had to leave quickly. I was able to get into one of the houses and there was still furniture inside and pictures of a family. I began to get a creepy vibe, which only increased as I heard a low humming noise. I followed the noise to an old air conditioning system, which seemingly turned itself on. I realized that something was wrong with this condo and got out of there. When I got home, I told our wifey about the air conditioning system component which magically turned itself on, however she didn’t think me! The air conditioning honestly freaked me out for a while, and I jumped whenever I heard our own HVAC plan click on.

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