Eye irritation thanks to dirty air ducts

I’m one of those people who does not like to perform the same task day after day.

I don’t know how anybody subscribes to one career and performs the same job for their entire life.

I get so bored so easily that I need to change up my routine on a regular basis to stay sane. This is why I have weeks when I work very hard at arduous administrative tasks and weeks when I exclusively create artwork. As you might imagine, it can be difficult to switch back and forth between these two states of mind. However, it’s even more difficult when you suddenly can’t see straight. You see, working from home means that I rely on my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system all the time. It also means that I am rather sensitive when it comes to my indoor air temperature and air quality management. I realized that there are many ways my central HVAC system supports or degrades my overall health and comfort. One of them is my degree of eye irritation. I think that I have some kind of indoor allergy that causes my eyes to water and blur. This means, if my central heating and cooling system is not operating properly or if there is some kind of indoor air pollution I can barely see my hand in front of my face. These allergies make it hard to get anything done. I am constantly worrying about my air filter and my air duct work as a downstream effect. I don’t want to have extra airborne contaminants blowing through my central HVAC system and messing with my vision. Thankfully, one of my other strange interests is working on my central heating and cooling system when I’m not performing my other tasks.

Cooling expert