Farmhouse did not have good enough AC

I had to use a window mounted AC plan while it was hot.

When I was a young child, there was no such thing as bridal showers. There was a family get together to announce a pregnancy. It seems like nowadays there are tons of parties for a large event. There are several baby related things and I get stuck going to them all. I am so glad that this was not a thing at the time. It is just absurd. At the same time, I could not say no to my daughter. She wanted to host a bridal shower at our family farm. I was not happy about this since I had to clean up the farmhouse and get tables to set up for it. Second, it was an incredibly warm day the morning of the party. All the extra heat inside the barn and due to the many people, caused too much strain on the cooling system plus it stopped entirely working. My daughter was quite worried, because that A/C was the only thing keeping her from dripping sweat. I calmed her down, then went out to the storage shed plus fetched our older cooling system device. There was a time when the house didn’t have a central air conditioner method in it. I had to use a window mounted AC plan while it was hot. ONce I go the box A/C set up, I realized why I replaced. It hardly cooled the large farmhouse at all. It was a mess of a bridal shower. My daughter should have just thrown in the towel at this point.

a/c representative