Feeling comfortable while preparing a huge holiday feast

When I went to visit with my cousin, I was tasked with helping prepare the dinner feast! I have to admit, I haven’t always had positive experiences when preparing dinner for so many people.

It’s mostly because there’s a ton of cooking involved and the house actually becomes overheated.

Also, that was just with using a single stove and I saw that my cousin has two stoves! I knew we were going to be utilizing both of the stoves to get everything cooked in a timely fashion. It was all about timing to be able to present the feast when the food was all ready for eating. Well, I was blown away when my cousin showed me how the ventilation system worked and how the HVAC zone control worked. Basically with the use of the smart thermostat, the temperature control settings could be adjusted to customized settings in all rooms of the house. In the kitchen we were making sure the temperature was much lower than the rest of the house to anticipate all of the cooking. This was the perfect HVAC system because even if we ended up burning something, the ventilation system would push the smoke out of the house. The temperature control settings were actually perfect and I didn’t feel like I was roasting to death while helping with all of the cooking. As a matter of fact, I had never been so comfortable when preparing a holiday feast! I really need to take some advice from my cousin and get all the right HVAC components so I can cook like this back at home.


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