Feeling safe with home security system

About more than one years ago, my home was robbed, however i live in a unquestionably rural area, where my family typically felt safe. In my neighborhood, people don’t correctly lock their cars or their homes; There’s never been any crime, however, that summer, a whole series of homes were burglarized. The robbers came into the current home during the middle of the day. Thankfully, the current home was empty. I don’t want to suppose about what could have happened if my fourteen-year-old daughter had been home alone. There were dirty footprints throughout the house. They stole a bunch of electronics, jewelry plus currency. They pawed through drawers plus knocked over vases, picture frames plus potted plants. It was devastating, but after that, my family no longer felt safe in the house. Just locking the door wasn’t enough. My husband plus I decided it was time to invest in a whole home security system. The corporation came in plus installed sensors on all of the windows plus doors. They added motion-sensitive lights plus surveillance cameras. If anyone steps onto the property, we get an alert on our smartphones. If anyone enters the home without punching in the regular code or breaks a window, we also get notified, and plus, the local authorities are instantly dispatched. Having the security plan in place makes myself and others believe a lot more confident. I’m no longer anxious coming home from work after dark. I’m not reluctant to have my kids get off the bus when I’m not there. At any time, from virtually somewhere, I can access the app on my iPhone plus check in on the house. I can verify that everything is secure.

Video Surveillance Installation