Filters have to be changed on a regular basis

Occasionally I just look at my siblings and wonder what the hell is wrong with them. They are harshly intelligent and capable human beings… For the most part. And then there are certain areas of life where I have no method what they are thinking or doing. They make legitimately stupid decisions based on avoiding their complications and it is strenuous for myself and others to respect their preference for ignorance over making informed decisions. This is why I was harshly aggravated with my sibling Last yearwhen he decided he was going to hop on a plane and take a trip to a warmer weather conditions, and don’t get myself and others wrong, the outdoor air temperature around here is not great. It has been bitterly cold, windy, and snowing for several weeks already. Nobody is delighted with being perpetually chilled. I do not care about the feeling of our forced air oil furnace running non-stop, either. However, I also suppose better than to jump on a stuffy, unventilated airplane with our current situation with the virus pandemic, when I tried to talk to my sibling about the dangers of taking this trip to a warmer weather conditions I was shocked with his response. He looked at myself and others innocently and advised that airplanes certainly have some of the highest quality indoor air, right? No… those metal tubes that fly through the sky have rudimentary ventilation systems with basic air filters. Otherwise, they are circulating the same indoor air that everyone has been breathing for hours on end. There is no fresh air, there is no HEPA air filtration system, and there is no UV disinfection to eradicate viruses. Why on Earth would you guess that this was a smart idea?

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