Finally learning how to complete the tasks

This week feels like another uphill climb with all the tasks I have to handle even as I try to get ahead after falling behind a bit from being so sick the whole of last week.

I guess if I stay focused I can get it all done in the next four hours and finally celebrate my success.

First would be getting a reward for myself if I can accomplish everything in a timely fashion, preferably within the set time, and still squeeze an hour’s nap at the back of my home office. This is the best spot as it is quiet and cool since no strong sunlight hits that part of my condo compared to the frontside. I love my living arrangement and have been here for 6 years, and plan to keep staying as long as nothing affects my stay. In fact, my friend Tom will be joining me to become a housemate in the next couple of months as we intend to start working on our HVAC business. We are also planning on playing music together and he will work on the keyboard while I sing and do whatever else that will make our 2-man band excel for now. I hope we are able to also do some Heating and A/C system repair gigs on the side for extra money as we have to save up for an air conditioned caravan to help us start traveling around as we perform in the next few years. I am confident that time will tell how our fate pans out but one thing is clear and that is we are cut out for a fantastic fun-filled life.

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