Finding a home with the right features

My wife is pregnant, and we are on the hunt for a new home. Finding a new living situation during a pregnancy is a tough thing to manage, especially when you’re working everyday. Let’s not forget that we are also in the middle of a pandemic! Sometimes it seems impossible, however I am doing the best I can. My wife does a lot of the online research and such, because she has more down time. The nurse put her on bed rest a few weeks ago, so it’s about all she can do to contribute. She has a list of wants and needs that she uses to narrow down a search list. The top of her list is a brand new Heating in addition to A/C system, and I do mean “brand new.” If the heating and cooling units are older than six months, she takes the home off of our list entirely. She says she has done a lot of studying on Heating in addition to A/C systems, and how they can trap particles and contaminants in the HVAC duct for years on end… In her mind, getting a place with an outdated AC in it would be the same as breathing in the same air as the people who used to live there! Listen, I’m not saying she’s right, I’m just saying that Heating in addition to A/C is crucial to her, and makes life strenuous for me. And oh, did I mention the fireplace? In addition to the new heating and cooling units, she also wants a wood burning fireplace with a brick chimney. I am getting pretty used to saying “yes dear” and meaning it less and less, because a fireplace and a new Heating in addition to A/C is a tall order.