Finding a sweeter HVAC technician

I own a large rental building.

  • I have 5 units that I rent out and have been lucky enough to have superb people in there.

They are all good about cleaning up, taking care of yard work and paying the rent on time. My number one renter is definitely Miles. Miles is a war vetern, residing out his retirement in the complex. Miles enjoys telling me the latest gossip plus colorful stories. I think that he is alone now. So I make it my mission to talk to the man a couple of times a week, maybe more if our job allows it. I have been entirely working super long hours and it is hard to get everything finished. Miles was telling me earlier in the week that he had been having problems with his heating system. He had called me and I sent over a handyman to check out the heater unit. Miles said the man was rude to him and he told him to leave. He just didn’t like the man in his unit. He felt the guy was looking at all his stuff. He wanted a person to service the furnace that was a bit nicer. This was going to be a problem, I knew it. I then had to call the many HVAC dealers in the neighborhood and ask if anyone had a guy that was good with older men on staff. Apparently HVAC is an older male dominated world and they are all crabby. I had a lot of difficulty finding a younger, nice technician that would make my renter happy. At long last I did manage to snag an older woman who does HVAC repair.


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