Finding Cool Spots in the Theme Park:

When you start thinking about a theme park, you begin picturing a lot of cool as well as colorful rides, mascots as well as other fun attractions.

Can you, imagine that same setting in the middle of June in the deep south? As you can imagine, it’s pretty hot.

If you can imagine it! Between the sun shining down on you as well as burning your skin, it’s typically one hundred-degrees outside. It’s strenuous to make it through the afternoon at these parks without spending your time in a shady spot under a tree. However, thankfully for my wifey as well as I, we’ve been to one particular park so many times that we know where all the best shaded spots are. There’s a tiny diner right in the square that you enter at the front of the park, as well as no one ever notices it’s even there! In this tiny diner, they have excellent air quality due to their central a/c plan running all afternoon long. They also use some air cleaners, which keeps the diner from smelling awful. The air is always clean and fresh, as well as everyone in the diner is super polite. I’m sure that it’s because they get to work inside the cool a/c all afternoon long! There’s a few other shaded spots around the park that are great for a cooling down. For example, the indoor ride as well as character meet-and-greet. There’s always somewhere indoors to stop and cool down with heavy air conditioning. These places are kept nice and cool to allow the cast members in these costumes to remain cool as well as dry. I can’t imagine walking around in the hot temperatures all afternoon, wearing a sizable fur suit or a ton of make-up on our face!

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