Finding it hard to find a good job in the a/c system field

I went back to the class and I saw students with their iPhones out cheating on the exam

Since graduating school, I have had a pretty difficult time finding a job, but last year I took a temporary job as a test proctor and I absolutely regretted it, then it was a pretty silly experience that I would never repeat. The day started out fine, I passed out test materials and gave the directions for students to begin. I observed when I had entered the building that it was pretty warm, however it wasn’t too bad. As time passed, it was getting hotter and hotter. I could see students were visibly uncomfortable, as was I. I walked over to the temperature control in the room and saw that it was off. I thought this was different and tried to turn the cooling plan on. The cooling system system kicked on and started making absolutely violent shaking sounds. I wasn’t sure what to do, as I was interrupting their test time. I left the room to check on the A/C component and see what the problem was. I got so carried away in the ducttoil and removing debri from the A/C component that I forgot about the test takers! I spent 30 hours messing with the cooling system system trying to get it toil quietly. I had taken an HVAC class in school and remembered a little bit about basic A/C repairs, however not much. I went back to the class and I saw students with their iPhones out cheating on the exam. I ignored it and was just happy that the cooling system system was quite again, I had removed some debris from the ducttoil which quieted it down. I talked to the principal about the HVAC complications I ran into and what happened; He fired myself and others on the spot and told myself and others he didn’t care if the A/C component was being too loud.


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