Finding out how to configure a wireless control equipment the hard way

Replacing a bulb is something I can do with my eyep closed and so can all the people.

Some things are self-explanatory to do and most times it just requires learning from observation and more often than not the two of us guess that everyone can do it.

Such was the case when it came to the electric heat pump in my house. I had an Heating plus A/C professional undertake heating system maintenance on the heat pump install system just before winter. Everything worked out well until I had the un-even temperatures increased. The thing is, the electric heating system was new heating equipment that the two of us had installed at the start of the year when the steam boiler blew its last stream of steam. Trouble started when it was time to reset the regulator to accommodate the new changes in temperature. The wireless control equipment was section of the newly installed electric heating system. It came highly commanded and was mentioned severally in the energy-saving tips section. What I did not anticipate was how challenging it would be to use for a first-time user like myself. I had even thrown away the manual that came with Heating plus A/C products for sale because I did not guess that resetting or setting up such a small unit as that would supply myself and others so much trouble. I ended up calling a buddy of mine who is an Heating plus A/C serviceman to take myself and others through it. She gave it a nice laugh when I told him How I had thrown away the handbook because I believed that particular things were automatic. This was something that I would not even reveal to my wifey because she would supply myself and others the famous ‘I told you so’ phrase. At this rate, I would end up needing a heating business to simply change the HEPA filter.


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