Finding the right service plan

When you have a heating and cooling system that is older than most, it is wise to be on top of it. This includes having a heating and air conditioning service plan. Having an HVAC service plan will save you a lot of money in the long run when your heating and air conditioning system breaks down. Even if you never have had trouble with your heating and air conditioning system up to this point, do not let that fool you. A central heating and cooling system depending on how well its built can go down at any time. This is why I shopped around to many different air conditioning and heating dealers in my city to see which had the best service plan. The first HVAC company I called had an HVAC service plan that did not include ductwork cleaning. This one wasn’t for me, because I need ductwork cleaning included as part of any service plan I would get for my HVAC unit. The problems I have had in the past with my HVAC system always involved my ductwork being clogged. Also, once, I had to have ductwork sealing done. At that time, if I had a heating and air conditioning service plan, I would not have paid what I did. The 2nd HVAC company I called was the one with the best service plan for me. They offered all HVAC repair and any HVAC ductwork cleaning within the year for only 29.99 per month. That was a major deal considering what I spent in the past on HVAC repair!

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