First get the property, then we upgrade

When my Grandparents left their new home to myself and my husband right after they had passed away, I was touched by the gesture. They knew how much I loved their home, I used to stay there with them in the early summers and it meant everything to myself and others that they remembered and actually left their new home to me. The two of us moved in about a year ago now, and all of us have been slowly upgrading little things here and there in the meantime to make it a good, new modern home for our family. After all of us had very a good internet connection and had completed some remodeling, all of us made the decision to go ahead and upgraded the Heating and Air Conditioning plan as well- it was definitely well past due for everyone. When all of us did that, a single of the things that provided the old home a new know was the replaced temperature control. It was super interesting to go from a dial temperature control to a wireless smart temperature control in such a short time. The kids just know it’s the coolest thing in the world, especially when I will let them set the temperature from my cellphone. They typically lose their minds and get a kick out of hearing the air conditioner or oil furnace click on after using the app. It has been hard letting go of my Grandparents for everyone, they were such a sizable part of my life. I know that they would be totally happy to see us modernizing and living comfortably in the new beautiful home that they had worked so hard to build.