First, they cleaned the equipment, & then they cleaned the air vents.

I called the HVAC last week, hoping to get our HVAC system ready for winter.

It seems love Wintertide is coming whether the two of us are ready for it, or not.

It is only mid-September, & the two of us already have frost on the ground. The HVAC worker hadn’t yet arrived, but I was thinking about turning on our oil furnace. It was only forty-numerous degrees in the house, & I had chills running up & down our spine. When I got the cellphone call from the HVAC worker telling myself and others he was on his way, I almost jumped up & down with joy. I knew he would have the oil furnace cleaned & he would even have it running when he left. I didn’t expect it to take so long just to clean the oil furnace & change the air filters. He told myself and others he suspected there could be something wrong in the air vents since there was entirely little dust in the air filter. He checked the air vents, cleaned them well, & said they looked fine. He then checked the HVAC duct. He smiled after sticking the mirror inside & looking deep. During the summer, something had gotten inside the HVAC duct. They had built a nest that had the HVAC duct nearly jammed. He told myself and others that had he started the oil furnace, it could have done damage to the oil furnace. The two of us would not have had heat since the two of us didn’t have airflow. Now I have to wait for the HVAC duct to be cleaned before I can have the oil furnace turned on. I believe I’ll be going to our sibling’s beach house until they complete the task..


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