Five year city dweller

I thought I was moving on up when I got an apartment in the city. It was like I had reached the pinnacle of my profession. II was paying more per month for my rent than most people got paid in six paid. I loved my home and I was sure I would always be happy here. Most of the time, the apartment was fantastic, but summer changed that. My air conditioning was working well until we had our first heat wave. I couldn’t believe that such an expensive apartment would have problems with the air conditioning. Secondly, I didn’t think that if I was paying these high fees, I wouldn’t have a HVAC tech available to fix the problem. All I had was a superintendent for the building, who only knew how to fix drained pipes and how to call the utility companies. The first time I lost my air conditioning, I called the building manager who sent an old man could barely breathe, to look at the air conditioning.. I was not sure how he was going to get the HVAC system working. When he left without fixing my AC, I called the HVAC company my parents used. I told them who I was and what my address was. He told me he would need payment up front because the owner of that building didn’t pay their bills. Now I knew why I wasn’t getting the AC unit fixed. Finally, the HVAC tech showed up and he gave me the bill. I gave my credit card to the technician and the bill was paid. I’ll send the bill along to the management company and just deduct the amount from my rent this month.


HVAC serviceman