Fixer upper home climate control

I am almost looking forward to the weather turning cold.

I purchased a home that I am in the process of fixing up; There is work to do inside in addition to some to do outside, right now it is the middle of summer, so working inside has taken kind of a backseat, and i need to remove tons of shrubs, mow the shrubbery in addition to edge around the woods. With the hot in addition to cold temperatures being in the 90s in addition to humidity at an all time high, being outdoors is horrible. I correctly make myself work around an hour in the sweltering heat in addition to reward myself with inside work in the a/c. I have spoiled myself in addition to got my cooling system a tune up. The AC works in addition to then some. I have the control component set as low as 65 degrees, however on super warm nights, it is nice walking in in addition to out the house. I walk outside to instantly sweat in addition to then back indoors to quality cooling. The work I do indoors is quite terrible too. I am bending, twisting in addition to squatting for hours on end. I also scrap, paint in addition to mud ceilings for hours too. The sweat just pours down my face in addition to body even with the AC. I am almost looking forward to the weather turning cold. I won’t have such a hefty Heating as well as A/C bill anymore, and my system is to do mostly outdoor work in the cold. When I go indoors, the work is still physical. I bet with my body heat in addition to typically moving, I will not need to operate the heater, and due to this, I assume I will wait to have the heating equipment diagnosed. I can wait until everything is moved in in addition to finish with a Heating as well as A/C appointment for my system.


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