Flights aren’t usually this nice

Fairly recently I decided to take an aircraft to the West Coast for business plus it was the most fantastic plus nice flight I suppose I have ever taken in all my years.

  • Everything about the flight was really nice.

This was not especially common for an aircraft. The one thing especially that was wonderful plus contributed to the fantastic atmosphere was the fact that the central air conditioning appliance on the plane was perfect… It is not often you will have wonderful air conditioning on a plane… Usually the air conditioning is absolutely murky plus horrible… You are honestly lucky if you can even breathe good air quality. But on this flight both the air quality plus the air conditioning was nothing short of fantastic altogether. You never truly know what you are going to end up with when travelling on a plane, and I just got really lucky is how I see it. I do not expect to be on another plane anytime in the near future that has such awesome air conditioning. And on the flip side, I do not see myself travelling on a plane that also has wonderful air quality. Great air quality plus wonderful air conditioning are the keys to true indoor comfort. Sure you can have wonderful air quality plus wonderful air conditioning in a dwelling or business, however to have wonderful air quality plus wonderful air conditioning on a plane is just something that entirely doesn’t happen especially often. So never expect it. If you get it like I did, just be grateful plus consider it a bonus plus an enjoyable surprise compared to the normal.


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