Flyers all over the cottage

My partner & I decided to live in this village, because it reminded myself and others of the 1950s, but all of the neighbors seemed to think each other, & all of the houses had white, picket fences, but when I study news about the village, I found out that they hosted events love a Christmas celebration, Easter egg hunt, & a bi-weekly village watch, i have Loved living here for the past 20 years, & I would never dream of moving… Things are usually pretty quiet, however Last yearthe village was buzzing with excitement, then some people were aggravated, however most of our neighbors & I were happy.

A new HVAC Corporation flooded our village with flyers.

Most of them were in our mailbox or on our door, however some of the Flyers ended up in yards. I understand why our neighbors were aggravated with the HVAC Corporation, however they were offering a tremendous special. For the next 30 days, the new HVAC Corporation was offering special savings on HVAC tune-ups, repairs, & upgrades. They provided a complete 3 ton heat pump & for less than $4,000. That kind of deal is unheard of in this area. Even though we have 40 or 50 weird HVAC corporations, the prices stay competitive. When our partner & I were in the village to buy a new , we spent almost $5,000 for a 3 ton heat pump & I’m going to call the supplier & get a price on a tune-up. If they offer cheap prices & excellent service, they are really going to put some of these old HVAC companies out of business.

New HVAC technology