Focusing more on diet

Three evenings a week, I take a group cardio class.

I have started to suffer from some stomach problems as I have gotten older. I could always eat anything without any issues. Now, there are lots of food items that don’t sit right. If I eat anything containing egg, I immediately need to run to the bathroom. Even a single bite of scrambled eggs results in painful diarrhea within a few hours. I also have to limit the amount of nuts and peanut butter I consume. I recently have realized that lactose is an issue for me. I can eat cheese because it is low in lactose. Yogurt is fairly high in lactose. Because of this, I can only eat a yogurt if it is my only dairy for the day. I have eliminated milk and ice cream from my diet entirely. If I eat too much lactose, I deal with painful stomach cramps. I get bloated and then suffer diarrhea. It is difficult to create meals without any of those elements. I am thankful that the fitness center I attend offers nutritional counseling. They typically design a diet plan to help people lose weight. I keep myself in great shape and workout conscientiously every day. I participate in a group strength training class twice per week. Three evenings a week, I take a group cardio class. For me, nutritional counseling means getting a meal plan that accommodates my dietary restrictions. It is too easy to choose chocolate, potato chips or pretzels because they don’t aggravate my stomach. With nutritional counseling I have learned to include more fruits and vegetables instead. I am learning about new options for healthy foods that I can eat.

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